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Are you having trouble with Home Banking?  Consult the information below before calling the credit union and you may be able to help yourself.

-I can’t get past the login or sign up page.

Be sure you’re not adding your check digit to your Login ID.  Your Login ID is the 6-digit member number assigned to you when you opened your account.


-I didn’t receive a temporary password when enrolling.

Check your junk mail/spam folder in your e-mail.  If the temporary password is not there, call your credit union at 906-774-6020.


-The boxes for my password and the answers to my questions are pre-filled with dots.

-I know my password and the answers to my questions, but I keep getting locked out.

-The computer keeps asking for my confidence word.

Our Home Banking site works best when your browser’s cookies have been cleared.  A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user's computer by the user's web browser while the user is browsing.  Learn how to clear your cookies here: Clearing Cookies.


-I want to enroll in your Bill Pay service.

Log in to your Home Banking account and click on the “Bill Pay” tab.  Enroll by answering all the questions.  If Bill Pay is not used at least once per month, a $5.95 fee will be assessed.


-I want to set up a recurring transfer between accounts.

Recurring transfers can be set up under the Transfer tab>Scheduled Transfers>Add Transfer.  Fill in all the transfer information.


-Why is my available balance different from my current balance?  What does that mean?

View our disclosure here.


-I want to set up alerts for low balance warning.

Go to the Alerts tab inside Home Banking and fill out the information needed to create the alert.


-I want to change my password or Login ID.

Click on the “Services” tab and follow instructions.


-I’m not locked out of Bill Pay, but I’m having other problems.

Please call our Bill Pay service directly at 877-285-2902.