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Interested in paying your local utility bills online or setting up a recurring electronic payment?

We have made it even easier by doing some of the investigating for you!

To set up a one-time payment or recurring payment, you will need your account # with the company, your e-mail address, your credit union ABA routing number which is 291172747, and your credit union account number. You can find any other information a company requires in the Company Names and Information section on this page.

If you do not see the company you need listed below, please visit the website listed on your billing statement for instructions to set up your payment(s).

Company Names and Information


Web site:
Contact Info: Customer Service 800-477-4747, Online Service 800-482-8720

WE Energies

Web site:
Contact Info: Customer Service 800-242-9137 Payment Assistance 800-842-4565


Web site:
Contact Info: Customer Service 888-438-2427
You will also need: Your Charter statement

(security code from statement is needed to create your online account)

DISH Network

Web site:
Contact Info: 800-333-3474
You will also need: Your monthly billing statement

(you must fill out the Automatic Payment section on the back of the statement if you wish to have recurring payments.)

A voided check from your credit union account. *Create an online account if you wish to make a one-time only payment


Web site:
Contact Info: Dial *611 from you cell phone or 800-922-0204
You will also need: Your cell phone number. Your cell phone. Your billing system password (if you have one)


Web site:
Contact Info: 800-236-0055
You will also need: To call 800-236-0055 or dial 611 from your Cellcom phone


Web site:
Contact Info: 800-562-7680

UP Telephone Company

Web site:
Contact Info: 855-642-4227 or 906-639-5000
You will also need: To print out Auto Pay form on the website; complete and sign the form; mail the form with a voided check (from your credit union checking account) to the address on the website.

Direct TV

Web site:
Contact Info: 800-531-5000


Web site: for regular service 
Contact Info: for cellphone service 800-331-0500 or dial 611 from your AT&T cellphone


  • Mar 9, 2020, 11:38 AM
    Thank you to Angela Adam at the IMKCFCU for her efficient, awesome service!  In the last two days, we bought a truck and sold our car and the total time it took us at the credit union for both transactions was about 15 minutes.  She goes above and beyond her duties and is so great at what she does.  Thank you, Angela and IMKCFCU, for making banking easy and convenient!  -Tara Povich
    Tara Povich
  • Mar 12, 2019, 09:36 AM

    I have been doing business with the IMKCFCU my entire life and Jessica has had an account for around 20 years. We have always received excellent service whether it be for a loan, a money transfer, or just cashing a paycheck. The entire staff is great! Last year, we started a nonprofit youth mentoring program called HardCore Scripture Outdoors. We teach kids how to hunt, fish, and trap.  We also teach them about conservation and help them become productive members of society.  We had lots of questions about setting up a nonprofit account, so we set up a meeting with Robin Strauss and she was incredible. She walked us through the process start to finish, answered all of our questions, and gave us the information we needed to get started.  We know with sponsorships and donations for the community, the children we serve will be better for our efforts.  Thank you, IMKCFCU!  Keep up the good work!

    Joseph and Jessica Bottesi
  • Jun 18, 2018, 10:38 AM
    "Vehicles today are very expensive, whether new or used. Used vehicles seem to really be holding their values. As such, we needed to finance a 2008 truck.
    After calling around to other financial institutions, no one would extend a loan to us based solely on the age of the vehicle. We wanted you to know what an important role you play in the lives of IMKCFCU members. Not only do you offer wonderful interest rates, but you are filling a gap that others don't offer. 
    Thank you for providing such wonderful services to its members."
    Christopher & Amy Lewis
  • May 9, 2017, 11:30 AM
    I love my CU…we’ve both been members forever. I have been my whole life. I always feel at home when I come in and everyone is so very helpful to me all the time.
    Sally Maloney and Allison Maloney